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Is JavaScript Emerging as a Mainstream Big Data Language in 2020?

Many data scientists are skeptical about the merits of JavaScript. However, the benefits are becoming clearer. More data scientists will likely turn to JavaScript in the near future as the number of supported libraries and resources is scaled.

A complete data science team requires more than just data scientists

Many organizations don’t see that the building and executing of successful, ethical, and insightful AI solutions requires a well-rounded data science team, and not just a few idealistic data scientists who can do it all. No one role is most important when it comes to a complete data science team — but some spring to mind more than others.

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What You Need To Know About BI In 2020

Marketing technology is driving a continual increase in BI’s adoption in marketing over the last eight years as more enterprises look to quantify the financial contribution of marketing strategies.

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  • Best Practices for a Data Science Resume

    Just because you have the skillset and the required experience as a data science professional does not mean that you are bound to land the job you want. You need to take it up a notch by framing an impeccable resume that can help you communicate your professional caliber to the recruiters. Here are the best practices to help you curate the perfect data science resume that highlights your expertise in analyzing data for actionable insights:

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    Cloud: What is multicloud and why is it worth trying?

    You have heard much about multicloud but have some fears regarding the reliability of such approach? Read our article on the topic and get all the necessary details to clear up your doubts. Find what stands behind the term, what are the benefits of multicloud, why you should give it a go and much more below.

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    What the FAQ are VR, MR, AR, DR, AV, and HR?

    In this column, we briefly introduce the concepts of virtual reality (VR), mediated reality (MR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), diminished reality (DR), augmented virtuality (AV), and hyper reality (HR).

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    In Defence of Maturity-based Approaches for Cyber Security

    The assumption that risk-based approaches are somehow more advanced than maturity-based ones, and represent an “evolution” of cyber security practices is highly disputable. Those two approaches are just different ways of managing cyber security in different situations and different firms.

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    How Cloud Computing Can Support Remote Work During COVID-19

    The current business landscape is challenging even for organizations that traditionally support remote work. COVID-19 is forcing entire organizations to adapt to a distributed workforce, and their physical infrastructure is hard-pressed to keep up. Cloud computing may well be the answer, for several reasons.

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    5 Applications Of Data Mining

    Industries across the globe are using applications of data mining to gain insights from a huge volume of data and improve the efficiency and accuracy of their businesses. Data mining is an interdisciplinary field of computer science and statistics that can find patterns in large data sets. Its overall goal is to extract information from

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    Data Security in the Cloud

    Data in the Cloud environment and how safe is it, or what is the risk of such an action? You need to know a few things about the functioning of the Cloud itself and the security risks that appear in this environment. One needs to know that there are three basic service models in each cloud environment, and each of these models has a different impact on cloud security and no security measure is universally applicable to all three models.

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    Health Informatics Careers Expected to Grow with Digital Health Market Expansion

    Health Informatics is the analysis and organization of healthcare information and records to improve healthcare outcomes for patients. In a very vast field, the best health informatics professionals possess a strong knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as an ability to collect and analyze enormous banks of data, and an ability to work alongside people throughout the healthcare spectrum in order to fully utilize the data an analysis they collect and deduce. For people pursuing education for the first time, bachelor degree programs in IT or information systems will suffice.

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    Cyber Security maturity stagnates because CISOs are structurally prevented from looking beyond day-to-day firefighting

    Many CISOs struggle to look beyond day-to-day firefighting and get trapped in tactical games. In many firms, this goes beyond incidents and the natural need to address those. Clarity of roles and responsibilities across Security and IT, and a clear approach putting People and Process first ahead of ready-made Technology solutions, are the basis on which the CISO can avoid the tactical trap. It is also the only basis over which cyber security maturity can grow, across any organisation, large or small. 

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