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How to Secure a Website: 21 Website Security Tips for Businesses

Having an ecommerce website is a golden opportunity for many businesses. It’s also a great way for other organizations to get their name out there and to promote their missions. But without the proper protections in place, websites are inherently insecure, which leaves your data — and that of your site users who provide their information via transactions and forms — at risk to the world of cyber threats.This is why it’s crucial for organizations, regardless of size, to do everything within their power to secure their websites. 

Data Science Consulting Is A SCAM

When you have a burning need to solve a customer onboarding issue or optimize your marketing spend, and your internal team does not have the required bandwidth or expertise, you do need to hire a consulting company. But, how can you do that in a manner that you do not get scammed? Here are four learnings on how to avoid being scammed. Hold your consulting partner accountable for the plan drafted in the assessment.

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How Predictive Analytics Knows More About Our Texting Habits than We Do

There are examples of your phone using predictive analytics, at a very baseline level. As the name implies, predictive analytics use history-related algorithms and memory to “predict” what will happen in the future. In your phone’s case (no pun intended), it has learned from the history of your texts to predict what you will text in the future. If you accept a correction just to move past it, your keyboard will continue to make that correction and most likely result in you using some choice words to describe it. Learn how it all works:

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  • How To Hire A Magento Developer: Mistakes And Step-By-Step Guide

    The competitive digital market today has made the online presence vital. Any business that wants to succeed in their online business needs a site with a blend of attractive design plus user-friendly features. Constant changes and developments are the reality of every eCommerce site. There are always some improvements that should be made or new features to add. That’s why most entrepreneurs choose Magento and hire Magento developers. 

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    Hybrid Cloud Can Smooth the Digital Transformation Culture Shock

    Any change in an organization can produce anxiety and cultural shock. But digital transformation doesn’t have to disable a company’s operations. Using a hybrid approach can ease the transition and keep team members happy across the board. Utilizing a hybrid cloud approach provides a buffer for change-resistant employees and departments and also offers the means for swift and successful forward movement for the people who are already on board with the transformation. After taking the first step to a hybrid cloud model, enterprises can make the transition to full could in smaller steps, with less complexity.

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    Process + Data: It’s About Time!

    The Database Management system is just a tool to manage databases. It does not come with intellectual properties for a specific application domain. You must develop those. You must model, design, and implement your databases with a DBMS. Similarly, you must design, model, and implement your processes with a BPMS. Enterprise reference architectures and stacks are becoming increasingly cluttered and complex. What’s needed is a pragmatic approach that focuses on process and data.

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    Practical Spark Tips for Data Scientists

    I know — Spark is sometimes frustrating to work with. Although sometimes we can manage our big data using tools like Rapids or Parallelization, there is no way around using Spark if you are working with Terabytes of data.Why? Because Spark gives memory errors a lot of times, and it is only when you genuinely work on big datasets

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    Transforming STEM education as a way to tackle the challenges of the 21st century

    Ensuring that STEM graduates understand the nuances of today’s problems will require providing them with arts and humanities education besides traditional science and engineering classes. Can ISAs help address the tech sector’s talent shortage? Using robots to spark students’ passion for technology Many educational programs help teens learn hacking Open educational resources as an alternative

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    Blockchain, IoT and AI – A Perfect Fit

    Blockchain, IoT, and AI are innovative technologies which will pave the way of digital transformation and will disrupt various industries. These three technologies will converge and will create new business models: Autonomous agents (i.e., sensors, cars, machines, and other IoT devices) will act as own profit centers 1) that have a digital twin leveraging IoT,

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    How AI Unlocks Brand Value in Unstructured Data

    Just because data is tough to read does not mean it is useless. The good news is that technology exists for brands to leverage it and plan for the long term – all they need to do is pick up the data and analyze it. Artificial Intelligence allows quantifiable insights from unstructured data. Artificial Intelligence allows brands to receive and respond to customer feedback in real-time, both through influencer analysis of social media platforms and the in-depth capturing of customer expectations, preferences, and aversions.

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    Are two clouds better than one?

    In every industry, businesses are considering and implementing multicloud strategies, virtualising their infrastructure, and selecting a range of cloud providers, instead of depending on a single vendor. However, multicloud isn’t for every business, and isn’t without its challenges that need to be overcome in order to reap the benefits. Before embarking on a multicloud journey, take a step back and identify the desired business outcomes. Cloud isn’t a panacea to all IT problems.

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    Manage open source software licenses to reduce risk

    Part of managing open source software risk was managing licence compliance. The governance of open source licensing is key to a healthier and more secure application development lifecycle. It is not in anyone’s best interest to contradict the licence terms associated with open source and inadvertently expose the company to a higher potential for risk. While open source isn’t inherently riskier than proprietary code, open source software can become a vulnerability when it isn’t managed properly.

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