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Prioritizing Data Sources For Your Data Library

In the previous article, I prescribe prioritizing data sources inclusion in a data library according to business value, difficulty, and privacy concerns. This can be done utilizing a scoring rubric and interviewing the owners and/or key stakeholders of each data source. While these things may not be measurable they can be quantified in a relative

Creating A Repeatable Data Library Process

In this final article in a series on how small analytics teams can build a self-managed data library for effective data management, I will summarize the previous articles and show how to put it all together into a repeatable process. A Data Library is Built on a Set of Principles for Data Management, not a

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The Role Of Data Matching In Big Data Business Strategy

The role of data matching and data quality is imperative when it comes to designing business strategies while incorporating big data.

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  • Cloud As An Enabler For Sustainability

    It is time for CXOs to consider the sustainability benefits of the Cloud now more than ever, as sustainability is no longer just a perspective but a business imperative.

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    7 Ways To Use Big Data For Your Mobile App

    The impact of big data on mobile and web applications is expected to change the ways companies operate in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

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    Big Data Tools 2021

    Today there are thousands of Big Data – data analysis tools. Here are some of the best options for 2021.

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    How Big Data Is Aiding Effective Digital Transformation

    Big data and digital transformation help enterprises better understand customer preferences and behavior to create more personalized and relevant experiences.

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    Still A Bit Confused About The Clear Differences Between Native And Hybrid Apps?

    Native applications have an additional edge over hybrid app solutions in its righteous manner. There is no definitive winner between native applications and hybrid applications as the industry has an option to select a priority from the covered elements.

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    The Next Phase Of The Digital Revolution Is Here: Are You Ready?

    Many trace the origin of the Digital Revolution to 1947 and the invention of the transistor, upon which much of our modern digital computing has been built. As a student of technology evolution and history, I’d like to take a contrarian view. The (distant) origins of the Digital Revolution can be traced back to 1876

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    The Hybrid Cloud: What You Need To Know

    Most large enterprises understand the value of the cloud. There are major challenges in making the transition because of the costs and risks of ripping out legacy systems. This is why the hybrid cloud is becoming important.

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    The Rise Of Data Downtime

    Data downtime refers to periods of time when your data is partial, erroneous, missing or otherwise inaccurate. Here are some signs that data downtime is affecting your company.

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    How To Achieve Digital Transformation In 12 Steps

    Digital transformation has been a key ask for a couple of years now. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, accelerated the pace of digital transformation. This article shares 12 secrets to a perfect digital transformation journey.

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